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Home paternity test including one potenttial father and one child with our without the mother's sample.

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How Accurate is Paternity DNA Testing

Paternity Testing Labtests are 100 times more discriminating than the industry standard. Average positive test results exceed 99.99%. We test 16 markers vs. the 8 to 10 tested in most labs and verify the sex of all tested individuals to assure you of reliable results. Additionally, we run all exclusions twice to confirm 100% exclusion.

DNA Testing is the most accurate and effective technology available today. Genelex's testing proves or disproves paternity in all cases. Each report clearly states:

    The tested man is excluded and therefore cannot be the biological father


    The tested man is not excluded. The statistics in the report establish that he is the biological father to an extremely high degree of certainty.

Reports are provided to all tested adults and their designated representatives. The report is a confidential, notarized legal document that has a scientific description of the genetic patterns determined for each individual.

We also include information that explains the test results in everyday language. When required, we provide affidavits, depositions or testimony. Our test results have been extensively scrutinized and uniformly accepted by courts, child support enforcement agencies and the United States Immigration and Naturalization service.

Paternity Testing Labholds both medical testing and paternity DNA testing accreditations and complies with medically accepted Good Laboratory Practice standards. Here are some of the inspection and quality assurance programs we participate in:

  • Accreditation by the American Association of Blood Banks Parentage Testing Committee for DNA parentage testing since 1992.

  • New York State Department of Health Accrediation for DNA Testing.

  • Accreditation by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board in forensic DNA testing from 1998-2003 while completing offender profiling for the Indiana State Police.

  • Washington State Medical Test Site Accrediation since 2000. (No. MTS-3919 CLIA No. 50D0980559).

  • Completion of more than forty external proficiency tests by the College of American Pathologists and Collaborative Testing Services.

  • Ongoing blind external proficiency testing as required by contract DNA testing that we perform for law enforcement agencies.

  • Participation in National Institute of Standards and Technology Forensic DNA Testing.

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