Kinship DNA Testing (Aunt, Uncle, Cousin)

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Do you think you may have found an aunt, uncle, or cousin, but are uncertain?

Paternity Testing LabKinship Analysis can help.

Determining if someone is an aunt, uncle, or cousin is a complicated test. It is possible using the most advanced of testing methods to determine if two people are likely to have the suspected relation or not. For example, a child, mother, and potential paternal uncle could be tested and the potential paternal uncle could be found to be X times more likely to be the paternal uncle than unrelated. If X is a number greater than 1, it is indicative of one relationship over another. Obviously, the higher the number is, the more certain the relationship. Although, we are specialists in this type of testing, we have no way to guarantee this test will be highly conclusive as the outcome is dependent on the tested party's genetic make-up. This test is $1550 (plus collection fees of $20-$45 per person if needed for legal purposes) .



We perform the most accurate tests humanly possible and prove or disprove relation in every case. Fortunately, we have the broadest spectrum of identity tests available today. Our standards for accuracy and certainty are inspected and accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks Parentage Testing Committee.


Every client's address, phone number and other personal information is held in confidence. We send a report of results to all tested adults, but without express written order will not release any personal information to the other parties. And, of course, our testing and records are in a verifiable, secure facility and unavailable to unauthorized personnel.


I'm trained to explain our services and procedures in language that is easy to understand. We'll track your case, keep you informed and give you a clear test result that can help you with both your current and future needs.


Pricing for your case may vary from the quotes above if more than one relationship is in question. In addition to the testing charge, sample collection fees may be necessary and range from twenty to forty dollars per person. The exact figure will be available when I schedule your test.


1. Make sure the other parties are available for testing.

2. Determine who will be responsible for the testing fees. Payment can be made with any major credit card or with a money order.

3. Call 800 523-6487 to schedule your test.

Paternity Testing Labhas helped hundreds of people in similar situations and our goal is to make the testing process as easy as possible for you.

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